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 Foreclosure Process and worrying about financial problems in general is a normal reaction and a concern shared by millions of other people just like you.  Homeowners who never worried about job loss or the prospect of losing their homes are now amongst the three million current foreclosure cases with many more families behind in payments and soon to be in foreclosure as well.

Read more about the magnitude of the foreclosure crisis and why the recent Nationwide Foreclosure Settlement won’t help many homeowners.

Regardless of the problem and no matter how dark things look, never forget to enjoy life.  We all have different religious and spiritual beliefs but what they all have in common is the recognition that life is short and precious and it’s up to you  to make the most of your life in the brief time we’re privileged to be alive.

What that means is to find the things that matter most to you and focus on them rather than your problems, at least for awhile!  Never forget to make the people closest to you happy and tell them how much they mean to you, make sure to spend quality time with your family and never neglect your cats and dogs and the remarkably unconditional love they provide.  Most importantly, make sure to do the things that make you feel good whatever are.  Crank up your favorite music, reread your favorite book or find a new one, call a friend you haven’t spoken to for awhile or dust off your baseball glove or tennis racquet and remember what it feels like to be a kid again.  Anything that makes you happy, just don’t hurt anybody!  And don’t just nod your head in agreement, do something about it!

If you don’t have anything that sparks your passions, find something that does.  It’s never too late to learn new computer skills or sign up for an online class,  take up dancing, jogging or try different activities like painting or yoga to meet new people who like to do the same things.

For others you have plenty of interests but not enough time, money or motivation.  Make time and choose the things that are realistic and easy to get started and pull out your fishing rod, shine your bowling ball, shoot pool, head to the local beach or mountains or any one of the thousands of options you have to make each day unique and interesting.  We all have a certain number of days known only to God, but there’s always one less than the day before so make each day count for you and the people you care about and don’t let foreclosure stress control your life.

More on the Dangers of Foreclosure Stress

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Foreclosure Blame – It’s Not Our Fault!

Foreclosure Blame- It’s Not Our Fault!  So if we didn’t cause the foreclosure crisis who did?  That’s right, greedy banks and lenders who care more about profits than what’s good for you or the country.  Unfortunately, banks are no longer your friend as the age of the local community bank that actually cared about you and your neighborhood are long gone and replaced with faceless monsters with no heart or soul, just a bottom line and bottomless cup that always needs more money and bigger profits.  Read About the Nationwide Foreclosure Settlement and How They Won Again

As a result when homes became so overvalued that most borrowers could no longer qualify for a loan, the banks simply created and funded the sub-prime mortgage market rather than letting prices stabilize naturally.  By providing risky loans with exorbitant fees, they further fueled an unsustainable real estate bubble while at the same time betting against the housing market and expecting it to fail through hedge funds and other securities.

When  the bubble finally burst, homeowners were left with few options other than foreclosure with prices too high to sell or refinance and the banks neither accepting responsibility nor offering obvious solutions like principal reductions and loan modifications.  Rather, banks simply flooded the courts with flawed and defective foreclosure lawsuits and saturated the real estate market with cheap foreclosed homes which further worsened the existing crisis on all fronts.

Now that you know the real story, it’s just a matter of choosing the Foreclosure Option that works best for you rather than worrying about lenders who caused the problem in the first place.  Once you decide on a foreclosure plan, you’ll no longer be intimidated by the very companies that put you in foreclosure and be more concerned with protecting your foreclosure rights. Beat the Banks and Protect Your Foreclosure Rights

Future posts will discuss possible foreclosure options, Defenses to Foreclosure Lawsuits and updates on legal and legislative developments that may help you succeed in your battle with the bank.  See the rest of  SaveTheCave for detailed information on foreclosure strategies as well as Sample Foreclosure Letters and Documents to implement your foreclosure plans.

Read More on How Can Help You Stop Foreclosure

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Use To Stop Foreclosures

How to use to stop foreclosures starts with learning everything you can about the Foreclosure Process.  Once you know what’s actually going on it’s much easier to pick a foreclosure option that works best for you and your family.  Detailed Information on Foreclosure Options

At we understand the power of knowledge and as a result have provided extensive materials on a wide range of foreclosure topics to help you survive the foreclosure process.  You’ll learn everything from what to expect and when to tips for living with foreclosure stress and understanding the risks to your physical health and mental well being. The Dangers of Foreclosure Stress

Using the navigation bar at the top of our site you can select a general topic and any of the sub-topics that interest you from the drop-down menu which directs you to a detailed discussion of that topic as well as related links and materials.

Once you’re comfortable with the foreclosure process the next step is deciding which foreclosure option works best for you and then learning how to actually do it. is here to help with this critical stage as well and provides all the information and tools you’ll need to to learn about the Ten Ways to Stop Foreclosure in addition to Unlimited Free Access to all of our Sample Foreclosure Documents and Legal Forms.

  Sample Foreclosure Documents

Our Sample Foreclosure Documents include cover letters to the bank, examples of what to include in your financial hardship letter and sample legal forms to help you get started if you decide to defend your own foreclosure lawsuit. They’re all part of our free membership and commitment to provide you with everything needed to stop foreclosure if at all possible.  Unlike other foreclosure sites there are no costly subscription fees so you can return as often as you like.

Because life goes on during and after foreclosure as well as the importance of maintaining a positive outlook in life, we’ve dedicated a significant portion of our site to topics related to the Dangers of Foreclosure Stress and will continue to provide valuable medical and lifestyle updates to Prevent Foreclosure Stress From Controlling Your Life.

Finally, with our weekly interactive blog we’ll keep you updated on the latest foreclosure trends and news, important legal developments and more ways to Save Your Cave and protect you from foreclosure.  Feel free to comment on any of our posts and share your story with our readers as well as your own tips for surviving the foreclosure crisis.

If you like what you read, tell your friends and relatives about us and let us know what we can do better. Even if you don’t like something, let us know your thoughts and what we can do to improve our site.

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Strange But True Foreclosure Stories

The recent foreclosure crisis has resulted in numerous disclosures of illegal and unethical actions by banks, loan servicing companies and many lawyers representing these companies that would have been hard to believe years ago but now seems to be more the rule than the exception.  Read About the Recent Nationwide Foreclosure Settlement.

As a result of these practices Strange But True Foreclosure Stories continue to pop up.  In the most common example, how would you feel if your bank’s mistake resulted in the loss of your home and then a second bank  sues you after your lost your home??  In an all too common foreclosure story you’d think there was protection from the second foreclosure lawsuit but you may be wrong! Be sure to read our discussion on Who Owns Your Mortgage and Why Care.

In many other cases former owners have been sued more than 15 years after selling their homes and paying off the mortgage.  Elizabeth Bolinger, who currently lives in a retirement home in Port St. Lucie, Florida was shocked and traumatized when she was served with a foreclosure lawsuit for property she sold in 1996.  The bank’s only explanation was that mistakes were made by the law firm handling the case but no apology was forthcoming.  Defending Foreclosure Lawsuits.

In a similar case, Cathy Hammers was abruptly awakened on the Saturday night following Thanksgiving when she was served with a foreclosure lawsuit for a home she sold in 1994.  When Hammers tried to contact the law firm handling the case she was rudely told to hire a lawyer and then disconnected.

Don’t Let Foreclosure Stress Control Your Life

In yet another twist resulting from the broad scope of foreclosure mistakes, one home was sold twice in one week.  Real estate investor Marjorie Oster was driving by the home she had just purchased in a short sale when she saw someone cleaning the pool, a lawn service cutting the grass and a pest company setting up a tent for termites none of which she had asked for or authorized.  Turns out that the work was done by the “other new owner” who bought the property a week earlier.  Once again the bank blamed the law firm but did nothing to fix the problem.  Tips to Get Your Short Sale Approved.

Finally, in the most bizarre story to date, a homeowner who bought his home for cash and never had a mortgage on the property was sued in foreclosure for a mortgage that didn’t exist.  Jason Grodensky didn’t receive an explanation or an apology, but how could the bank ever explain or justify suing someone who wasn’t even in their records!?  Blame the Banks – Foreclosure is Not Your Fault.

All true, all strange and unfortunately much more to follow.  Stay tuned and we’ll have lots more stories for our blog followers.

Do You Have Your Own Foreclosure Horror Story? Share your story with our readers by offering your own post and you”ll probably find  that other homeowners have the same or similar experiences!

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